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  1. This week we are celebrating the arrival of our new brand Vimma.
    We are so excited!!! We cannot tell you enough...
    The new materials and prints have been created by a company who sustains the environment and gives support to others creating many jobs in Finland and Estonia.

    All the designs are beautiful and functional and inspire playfulness in children.

    We are so happy to bring their collection to all our clients and cannot wait to see what you get for your little kids.

    To celebrate this arrival please use the code HELLOVIMMA at the check out this week for a 15% off.

    blog 1 29.02.16

    Black hooded top

    blog 2 29.02.16   

    Braids Leggings

    blog 3 29.02.16

    Liquorice Leggings

    blog 4 limited edition 29.02.16

    Limited edition - Metallic Braids Leggings

    blog 6 29.02.16

    Mystical Flowers Dress

    Lots of love from the Be Unique Kids team!